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It's simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons. But as in the best old tales... you will live happily ever after.

I have never seen myself as a warrior, a slayer of dragons but looking back that is exactly what I have done over the years. In the pursuit of my dreams, I have had to face my fears and there have been many battles. As with any warrior, there are battle scars both mentally and physically... I guess I am proud of my scars as it shows that I was brave enough to take on the dragons. I have been faced with dragons of all sizes and sometimes you trip and wake up the dragons (we all make mistakes and life choices that occasionally bite you on the ass). The most important thing is to win the battle. Sometimes the battle is over quickly and sometimes the battle goes on for a long time. Sometimes you walk into battle knowing all the facts and sometimes it comes out of the blue and takes you by surprise.

My advice... keep on going, keep doing you and keep believing that every dragon is sent to teach us something about ourselves and about life. The truth is, you will live happily ever after... or the dragon will have won and that is when a fairytale becomes a nightmare.

We all have our dragons and our demons, let's make a real effort to fight them together rather than make the battle even harder.

PS. Never be afraid to call in the cavalry to ask for help with the dragons, there are no prizes for going into battle alone.